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Chiropractic Care

Dr. Maggie adjusting patients lower backChiropractic care focuses on restoration, healing, or supporting specific health goals. We use a holistic health approach to support you and your family.

Our goal at Thrive Chiropractic is to balance your nervous system to allow you to function at your full potential. With ten years of experience, Dr. Maggie is trained in locating areas of stress on the nervous system.

During restorative care, we are able to target areas of concern. Results from your Insight scans help to paint a picture of how your brain and body are communicating. While chiropractic care does provide relief of pain and discomfort, our goal is to dig deep to the root cause of your concerns.



Family Care For All Ages

Our practice focuses on general wellness for the entire family. Using specific, neurologically-based care, we address your concerns and confidently help you build a foundation for future health. Our practice members have experienced many benefits and we would love to share that experience with you!

Our Services and Techniques

Before we adjust, we thoroughly walk our practice members through our procedures. It’s important to us that you feel comfortable and at ease with everything we do.

Dr. Maggie is highly proficient in many chiropractic techniques. These include Diversified, Tonal and Thompson Drop. We may also use the Activator Tool, Sacro-Occipital Technique and other methods, depending on your needs.

We are also an expert in Webster Technique, specifically for prenatal care. Dr Maggie also is trained to functionally assess and diagnose tethered oral tissues. We work with a great support network to assist in the pre and post revision process, as well.

Get Started Today

Start your family on their chiropractic journey and watch how it will change everyone’s life. Contact us, we’d love to speak with you and book your appointment.

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