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Meet Dr. Kailee Logan

In her last semester of undergrad at Fort Hays State University, while putting in 100s of hours of shadowing, getting reference letters, and achieving an acceptable dental acceptance test score, Dr. Kailee came to a path-changing realization. “You can’t visit with your patients while your hands are in their mouth. Not only that, but patients came to the dentist in pain and left usually in pain or extremely numb.”

From Dentistry to Chiropractic

“Something told me that dentistry was no longer for me.” Ready for something different and encouraged by one of her friends, Dr. Kailee shadowed a chiropractor and loved it. “Chiropractic patients were happy! Once I started school, I knew I made the right choice.”

She was also inspired to become a chiropractor as she loves to form bonds with people and get to know her patients.

Besides earning a Doctor of Chiropractic from Cleveland Chiropractic University in 2022, Dr. Kailee is also Webster Technique Certified and a member of the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association (ICPA). She also has a 100-hour Acupuncture Certification.

Finding Fulfillment Helping Patients

Dr. Kailee enjoys helping patients and educating them at the same time. After seeing the world through more holistic and natural eyes, she is also a huge believer in advocating for your health.

“Question everything and take charge of your own health.”

For Dr. Kailee, the most fulfilling aspect of being a chiropractor is helping patients achieve their goals. “I love it when an expecting mama can experience less pain during her pregnancy and delivery.” She also finds it most rewarding when a mother comes in with a breech baby, and after a few adjustments using the Webster Technique, her body allows the baby to reposition themself.

An Active Family Life

Outside of work, Dr. Kailee enjoys spending time with family and friends. “My husband, Black Lab Angus, and I love being outdoors! From going on walks to fishing on our kayaks, I’m always up for a challenge.” Currently, Dr. Kailee is trying to learn how to fly fish.

Since she grew up just outside of Topeka, Dr. Kailee is excited to be back. She believes chiropractic can improve the lives of so many people and wants to be a part of elevating the well-being of her community.

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